Celebrating the Lantern Festival

March 2nd was the Lantern Festival in China. This represents the “official” end of the Spring Festival season and, as is the norm, has been celebrated at Xingmeng Theaters throughout the country.

SNH48 Group on TV

SNH48 Group also appeared on two different Lantern Festival specials: BEJ48 Team B was on the BeiJingTV (BTV) youth channel and the CCTV15 Lantern Festival special while SNH48, BEJ48 Team E, and GNZ48 Team NIII were on AnhuiTV (recorded at the same time as their Spring Festival gala in February.)

You can watch the AnhuiTV performance of “Sweet Festival” in the video at top of page.

Here are some pictures of the CCTV show with BEJ48.


Lantern Festival stages

Throughout the weekend, various groups will be hosting special stages for the festival.

SNH48 is going to be showcasing farewell stages for pre-shuffle teams leading up to the last official stage performance by Ju JingYi (Hall of Famer) with Team NII on March 4th.

GNZ48 kicked things off in GuangZhou with a joint stage with select members of Teams G, NIII, and Z as well as members of the 3rd and 4th generations.

You can watch that stage in the video below.

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