Big names missing from the 2nd prelim results

Fans had been anticipating some surprises for July 7th as the 2nd preliminary results of the 6th SNH48 Group General Elections were about to be revealed. Although these results are not yet a solid indicator of what the final votes will be, they are solid trends.

You can watch the full announcement in the video at top of page and our breakdown below.

The results

As expected the overall number of votes has risen considerably since STAR48 decided to give 10 votes for every ticket to fans. If you compare to the numbers from last year (taking the larger number of votes into consideration), things remain fairly consistent from 2018 to 2019.

Top 16


Top 32

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17. Feng XiaoFei (Team X)
18. Tang LiJia (Team NIII)
19. Dai Meng (Team SII)
20. Sun Rui (Team SII)
21. Yuan YiQi (Team HII)
22. Xu YangYuZhuo (Team HII)
23. Qian BeiTing (Team SII)
24. Liu ShuXian (Team B)
25. Zhang Xin (Team HII / Team NIII)
26. Hu XiaoHui (Team B)
27. Shen XiaoAi (Team B)
28. Liu LiFei (Team NIII)
29. Song YuShan (Team HII)
30. Xu ZiXuan (Team SII)
31. Liu ZengYan (Team SII)
32. Zhang QiongYu (Team G / Team X)

Top 48

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33. Wang XiaoJia (Team X)
34. Zhang HuaiJin (Team J)
35. Zhang YuXin (Team NII)
36. Zhang DanSan (“IDOLS Ft”)
37. Jiang Shan (Team HII)
38. Huang EnRu (Team J)
39. Xie LeiLei (Team G)
40. Yang BingYi (Team X)
41. Wang JiaLing (Team X)
42. Li XingYu (Team X)
43. Xiong SuJun (Team B)
44. Qing YuWen (Team B)
45. Zhu YiXin (Team G)
46. Lin ShuQing (Team HII)
47. Liu ShengNan (Team E)
48. Chen Guijun (Team G)


Big names missing

Several casual fans have noticed that several very popular members did not appear at all in these results which seems highly unusual. These members are all from SNH48 Team NII and were in the top 7 in last year’s election!

Feng XinDuo (3rd last year), Huang TingTing (2nd last year), Lu Ting (4th last year), and Zhao Yue (6th last year) are all among the “missing” from these results.

Feng XinDuo had already indicated last year that she would not be taking part in the 6th election. For the others, rumours have been circulating for some time that they had also decided to opt out of participating this year. It is speculated by fans that this might be an indication they are preparing their exits from the group (their contracts end in 2021) or that, for some, it might be a strategic move for next year’s election which would be their final one.

Zhang DanSan wins her way back

SNH48 had indicated early on that any participating member of “IDOLS Ft” who managed to rank either in the 2nd preliminary results or the final results would be promoted back to a team.

Zhang DanSan, who was demoted earlier this year due to a violation of the code of conduct for which she apologized, ranked at number 36 on July 7th and, consequently, will be allowed to return and perform with Team X. Since she is presently in training in South Korea with the subunit “Dreamfairy”, it is uncertain when she will resume her full activities.

BEJ48 Top 16

The Top16 for BEJ48 this time is composed of 6 members of Team B, 4 of Team E, and 3 of Team J.

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1. Duan YiXuan (Team B)
2. Su ShanShan (Team E)
3. Liu ShuXian (Team B)
4. Hu XiaoHui (Team B)
5. She XiaoAi (Team B)
6. Zhang HuaiJin (Team J)
7. Huang EnRu (Team J)
8. Xiong SuJun (Team B)
9. Qing YuWen (Team B)
10. Liu ShengNan (Team E)
11. Li Zi (Team E)
12. Chen QianNan (Team E)
13. Wang YuXuan (Team J)
14. Tian ShuLi (Team B)
15. Bai XinYu (Team J)
16. HeYang QingQing (Team J)


GNZ48 Top 16

The Top16 for GNZ48 on this 2nd preliminary includes 8 members of Team G, 6 members of Team NIII, and 2 members of Team Z.

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1. Chen Ke (Team G)
2. Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
3. Fang Qi (Team Z)
4. Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII)
5. Tang LiJia (Team NIII)
6. Liu LiFei (Team NIII)
7. Zhang QiongYu (Team G / Team X)
8. Xie LeiLei (Team G)
9. Zhu YiXin (Team G)
10. Chen GuiJun (Team Z)
11. Xu ChuWen (Team G)
12. Zeng AiJia (Team G)
13. Luo HanYue (Team G)
14. Hong JingWen (Team NIII)
15. Liu QianQian (Team NIII)
16. Li ShanShan (Team G)
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