The stage of the 4th B50 concert (Click to enlarge)

SNH48 Group has finally revealed the date and venue for the upcoming 2019 Best50 Request Time concert! It was announced during the 5th General Elections that the concert this year would take place in Guangzhou but not what the exact venue would be.

Guangzhou Gymnasium (Click to enlarge)

The concert is now scheduled for January 12th, 2019 at the Guangzhou GymnasiumGuangzhou GymnasiumThe Guangzhou Gymnasium is an indoor arena in Guangzhou. The arena is used as a concert venue and for sporting events such as arena football, basketball, badminton and table tennis. It was constructed between 11 February 1999 and opened on 30 June 2001, with a seating capacity of 10,000. Source: Wikipedia which can welcome up to 10,000 fans depending on the configuration.

Format changes

Fans will once again get the chance to vote not only for their favourite songs (out of 530 from EPs and stages) but also for which members should perform those songs and which of these members will center the song.

However, STAR48 is introducing a “grouping” system for the songs this year. Each grouping (Sun, Moon, Star,…) will have a specific number of slots attached to it dictating how many group songs, solos, duos and so on it can contain (see below).

The winning team and unit songs will be in the the main group with a the remaining 48 songs divided into smaller groups based on the total number of votes.


Golden Song Group: The winning Team Song and winning Unit Song

Sun Group: 1 Team Song, 1 Solo, 2 Duos, and 3 Unit Songs (3+ members)

Moon Group: 1 Team Song, 2 Solos, 6 Duos, and 7 Unit Songs (3+ members)

Star Group: 2 Team Songs and 23 Unit Songs

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Each group will also come with a different level of importance when it comes to the concert itself.

The Star Group songs will receive basic stage setup and props. The Moon Group gets that plus customized costumes and special effects. The Sun Group gets the same plus a song intro PV, special camera work, and backup dancers. Finally, the two winning songs get all of the above plus special stage design for their songs.

New subunit

One of the new entries this year will be the introduction of a 7 member subunit which will be composed of the 7 members who have received the most votes to become part of the subunit leading up to the Best50 concert.

The name and style of the unit will be chosen by the members themselves with the exact positions within the unit to be determined by their number of votes.

This new subunit will receive training leading up to an original song and MV.


As in previous years, the two winning songs (Top Unit and Top Team songs) will receive an MV and will appear along with the remaining top 7 songs in a special edition Best50 EP.

It all starts October 20th

The voting ticket for the 5th Best50 Request Time will be found in the “Endless Story” EP due to go on sale October 10th. The voting itself will begin on October 20th.

The first set of preliminary results will be announced at the SNH48 Xingmeng Theater on November 4th followed by a 2nd preliminary result on November 25th.

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