Three months from now will be the date of the SNH48 Group 7th Best50 Request Time Concert. SNH48 has made the announcement on October 16th at the same time as it scheduled the release date of the 28th EP which will contain the voting tickets for the event.

The 7th Best50 will make a return to Shanghai on January 16th, 2021 (venue not yet announced). The voting period will begin on October 24th, 2020.

New rules

SNH48 Group likes to change things when it comes to the Best50 concerts. Every change is, of course, primarily driven by a desire to maximize profits via vote purchases.

Fans will once again be invited to vote for their favourite Top 50 songs from over 600 selections (see below) but everything will now take place in two stages.

Our Partner Fan Site “info@snh48group” has translated those rules for everyone’s benefit in a series of tweets.

The winning team and unit songs will get the usual MVs. A new reward will be a new original stage given to the two teams with the highest rated team songs. The thirs place team will receive a theater PV as a reward.

600 songs to choose from

Below is the official website of the Best50 Request Time with the list of all the songs that will be considered for the voting. You can click on a song name to hear a sample of it. Click on “List” to return to the listing.


The full website of the event can also be viewed here.

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