B50: 1st prelim results

SNH48 Group announced the 1st preliminary results for its upcoming 7th Best50 Request Time Concert in Shanghai on November 8th during the SNH48 Team SII stage.

Xu ChenChen (SNH48 Honoured Graduate) who is now a staff member with the company made the announcement at the end of the show to the applause of the assembled fans. You can watch that in the video at the top of the page.

The results

As the Best50 enters its 7th year, we continue to see significant changes in the songs favoured by fans. However, the trend favouring unit songs over group songs continues even as we see less and less old songs on the list with even the 14th generation members making an appearance!

01爱未央 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Chen Ke (G)
01爱未央 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Zheng DanNi (NIII)
02就差一点点 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zhang QiongYu (G)
02就差一点点 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Xie LeiLei (G)
03Feeling You (SOLO)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Li JiaEn (HII)
04重生计划 (TEAM)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)TEAM SII
05Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Wang RuiQi (X)
05Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zhang Yi (NII)
05Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zhang Xi (NII)
05Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Jin LuoSai
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liu Xian (NII)
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang JiongYi (Z)
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang FeiYan (X)
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang SiYue (Z)
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Ning Ke (SII)
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qu MeiLin
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Mao YiHan
06双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang MengZhu
07美杜莎的温柔 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Jiang Yun (SII)
07美杜莎的温柔 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Shao XueCong (SII)
07美杜莎的温柔 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Tian ShuLi (SII)
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Pan YingQi
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Lin Nan (HII)
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qiao YuZhen
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang Run (NIII)
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Chen NanXi (NIII)
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Lv Yi (X)
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang RuiJie (NII)
08凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Lai JunYi
09雨中钢琴师 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII2)Liu ZengYan (SII)
09雨中钢琴师 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII2)Chen Lin (X)
09雨中钢琴师 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII2)HeYang QingQing (X)
10NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Luo HanYue (G)
10NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zhang ShuYu
10NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Lei YuXiao
10NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Yang YunHan
11MY KEYBLUEVZhao TianYang (SII)
12临兵斗者皆阵列在前 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (H5)You Miao (SII)
12临兵斗者皆阵列在前 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (H5)Ma YuLing (SII)
12临兵斗者皆阵列在前 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (H5)Yan MingYun (SII)
13MY BOY (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Wang Yi (HII)
13MY BOY (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Zhou ShiYu (NII)
14塞壬 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Zhu YiXin (G)
14塞壬 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Yang YuXin (NII)
14塞壬 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Lu TianHui (NII)
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONRen ManLin
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONHuang ChuYin (G)
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONNong YanPing (Z)
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONTang Lin
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONXie FeiFei (Z)
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONLin Zhi (G)
15狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONZhang XiaoYing (NII)
16最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Zhang HuaiJin (NII)
16最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Zhang YuXin (NII)
16最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Yang KeLu (Z)
16最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Tian QianLan
17信念箭羽 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zeng AiJia (G)
17信念箭羽 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Xu ChuWen (G)
17信念箭羽 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Cheng Ge (HII)
18最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Liu ShengNan (X)
18最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Wang ZiXin (Z)
18最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Liang WanLin (Z)
18最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Zhou QianYu
19Colorful DayColor GirlsYan Qin (NII)
19Colorful DayColor GirlsWang Zi
19Colorful DayColor GirlsLuo KeJia (G)
19Colorful DayColor GirlsXie AiLin (NIII)
19Colorful DayColor GirlsZhang ZhiJie
20SHOW (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Hong JingWen (NIII)
20SHOW (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Li Hui (SII)
20SHOW (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Xie TianYi (X)
21对峙 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Liu QianQian (NIII)
21对峙 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Wang Yi (HII)
21对峙 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Jiang Shan (HII)
22青涩的香蕉 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Fei QinYuan (HII)
22青涩的香蕉 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Su ShanShan (NII)
23笔下之城HO2Xu YangYuZhuo (HII)
23笔下之城HO2Chen Ke (G)
24樱花草 (SOLO)Golden MelodiesWan LiNa (HII)
25花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Zhang YuGe (Honoured Graduate)
25花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Ran Wei (X)
25花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Li ShanShan (G)
25花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Long YiRui (Z)
26不安星 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Sun ZhenNi (HII)
26不安星 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Chen QianNan (NII)
27低烧 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Chen QianNan (NII)
27低烧 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Su ShanShan (NII)
28人鱼 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X3)Song XinRan (X)
28人鱼 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X3)Feng SiJia (HII)
29一体同心 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang Xin (HII)
29一体同心 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Liu LiFei (NIII)
30专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Fang Qi (Z)
30专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Bai XinYu (NII)
30专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Wu YuFei (NIII)
30专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zhou Xiang
31未接来电 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zheng DanNi (NIII)
31未接来电 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Wang XiaoJia (X)
32春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhao JiaRui (NII)
32春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Chen GuiJun (Z)
32春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Lin ShuQing (HII)
32春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhang MengHui
34噩梦轮回 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Tang LiJia
35给你 (SOLO)Yi JiaAi (新年的钟声 EP)Li XingYu (X)
36Me&U (SOLO)Golden MelodiesSun Rui (SII)
37灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Yuan YuZhen (SII)
37灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Huang EnRu (SII)
37灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Liu Jie (NII)
37灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Peng JiaMin (SII)
38BAD BOY (SOLO)Golden MelodiesSong XinRan (X)
39瑪利亜 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team E (EW1)Xie LeiLei (G)
39瑪利亜 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team E (EW1)Qing YuWen (NII)
40Like I Do (SOLO)CoverDai Meng (Honoured Graduate)
41木偶 (SOLO)SNH48 Team NII (NII5)Li Na
42恋爱告急 (SOLO)恋爱告急 EPKong XiaoYin (Honoured Graduate)
43夜蝶 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII1)Shen MengYao (HII)
43夜蝶 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII1)Zhang QiongYu (G)
44占据 (UNIT)SNH48 Team G (G4)Liu LiFei (NIII)
44占据 (UNIT)SNH48 Team G (G4)Chen QianNan (NII)
44占据 (UNIT)SNH48 Team G (G4)Su ShanShan (NII)
45MAMIBLUEVYang YuanYuan (Z)
46画 (SOLO)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zuo JingYuan (NIII)
479 to 9 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Xu YangYuZhuo (HII)
479 to 9 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Chen Ke (G)
48Hold Me Tight (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Wang XiaoJia (X)
48Hold Me Tight (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)HeYang QingQing (X)
49暮蝉之恋 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII4)Lu YeHui (SII)
49暮蝉之恋 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII4)Feng YuTing (SII)
50三角函数 (TEAM)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)TEAM Z

The show

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The show will continue with the practice of the last two Best50 concerts where the rank of a song will determine how much stage setting it will receive (lighting, dancers, decors…) A new twist is that only the highest-ranking songs will be performed in their original form. All the others will be in a shorter version.

This is an attempt to control the length of the concert which has, over the years, tended to be longer than broadcasters anticipated.

Songs 1 through 7 will be performed in their original versions while songs 8 to 50 will be in a short version. The top 2 team songs will also be performed in their original form.

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