District 48 stage from SNH Team SII

SNH48 Group has once again wrapped up a year of activity (a year being defined as the period between two elections).

As we await the release of the highly anticipated election EPs and MVs (filmed on location in Rome and Dubai for the Top 16 and Top 32), it is a good time to reflect on what was quite a year!

We are fans just like you (if you are not – what are you doing here?) so, you will excuse us for not being objective but it is fair to say that 2017 has been the year of SNH48.

GNZ48 fans at GuangZhou airport

Having barely survived for 3 years as a glorified cover band, the group finally came into its own and grew, gained fans, earned fame and recognition not limited to mainland China, and more awards that can fit on this page.

One might say that a sleeping dragon has been awakened! A Chinese dragon of course.




SNH receiving the “Concert of the Year” award at the Tencent x MTV Awards

Your group sold 30K in the first day you say? Fantastic. SNH48 sold a 100K (physical sales) in 1 minute… in a country where CD sales are not kept artificially high and where piracy is so omnipresent that there is no big music store chain.

We are not trying to imply that SNH48 is better than other groups in China (or even in Asia) but we have to recognize the fact that for them to be able to achieve those results in mainland China is extraordinary.

Where does that leave us?

Hundreds of new original songs, new original stages, millions in EP sales, triple digit growth, dozens of endorsements, millions in investments, official government recognition, participation in the most watched TV show in the world, dozens of awards for Best Group / Best MV / Best Concert, dozens of appearances in top shows and dramas, their own movie production studio and fashion magazine,… the list goes on.

Xu JiaQi of SNH48 Team SII from one of the many new Studio48 productions

As we enter this new year, STAR48 (producers of SNH48 Group) is poised to jump even further ahead with the start of CKG48 in ChongQing, new auditions, video games, several major movie projects, and almost 400 new original songs to add to its ever growing catalog.

There are over a billion Mandarin speakers in the world today with a huge diaspora (especially in North America). Lots of room to grow.

Dozens of new groups are surging throughout China. At the moment, they are busy establishing themselves and fighting for domestic market dominance but it is only a matter of time before they start looking outside their own borders. Could a Mandopop wave be heading our way?

SNH48 Group is in an ideal position right now to be forerunners of it while continuing to build an identity that expands on the fantastic work of predecessors but resolutely goes its own way.


SNH performs at a Hong Kong concert for the first timeSTAR48 announces new group: CKG48WAN48 subsidiary created to manage SNH48 gamesCCTV1 Youth DayNew partnership with CCTV Mobile Live NetworkBEJ48 members voice female characters in popular video game100K copies of "Summer Pirates" sold in 1 minuteGNZ48 participates in NBA official eventsSNH helps celebrate 20 years of Happy CampGNZ48 Team G debuts new original stageSNH48 Group break all sales recordsElection winners promoted throughout ChinaJu JingYi releases 2nd solo EPSNH48 Team SII debuts "District 48" stageSNH48 Group receives increasing news coverageColor Girls subunit adds new member


Some will say that the model SNH48 is based on is old and in decline but we say: “Just watch. SNH is just getting started!”

Are we biased? You bet we are!

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