SEN7ES is Making Waves

The K-Pop styled subunit of SNH48 called SEN7ES (7SENSES) is taking the mainland by storm with its mix of hip-hop and trap music.

The members

With already one EP under their belt, the group is composed of 7 girls:

Zhao Yue
Team NII
Xu Jiaqi
Team SII
Kong Xiaoyin
Team SII
Chen Lin
Team X
Dai Meng
Team SII
Zhang Yuge
Team SII
Xu Yang Yuzhuo
Team HII
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No pain, no gain

In order to achieve the best results possible, the members were sent to train in South Korea where they focused on learning dances for the songs on their EP as well as filming MVs for “Girl Crush” and “7 Senses”.

The entire experience was recorded into an episodic documentary (Episode 1 in header of this article).

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