All those anniversaries!

May 3rd, 2021 wasn’t really a special anniversary for anyone in SNH48 Group, but it was the day selected to hold celebrations (e.g. special stages) for several teams. The day saw events for the 5th anniversaries of BEJ48 and GNZ48 (debuted on April 29th, 2016) as well as the 6th anniversary of SNH48 Team X (debuted on April 17th, 2015). The biggest of the three was for GNZ48 as it involved all of its teams.

Let us do a quick review of events in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai.


Membersof BEJ48 welcomed fans early at their current theater for an anniversary party complete with cake prior to their evening stage.

The stage itself featured the group’s original songs as well as numbers from the early days of teams B and E (now disbanded) which were the first to debut in 2016.

It was also announced that Zhang MengHui would not become the Captain of the team.

Watch the full anniversary stage below.


SNH48 does not really celebrate a “group anniversary” since they were the first and all such events are fundamentally linked to the teams of the first four generations.

On May 3rd, it was Team X that celebrated 6 years with fans with s special stage that included a surprise appearance by three former members: Yan MingJun and Shao XueCong who are now with Team SII as well as Sun XinWen who is currently officially on hiatus.

Watch the full anniversary stage below.


GNZ48 presented the largest event of the day with their anniversary stage. All currently active (and available) members took part.

This was the last performance for the “original” teams (which have not been active since early 2020) before the “new” teams restart performances later this year.

The group also made several announcements including two promotions and four new recruits (see our article on that here).

Since the teams were inactive since 2020, GNZ48 decided to give “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” (2 each) awards as a substitute to the usual team MVP awards.

The winners of those awards were (from top left to right): Zhu YiXin (G), Chen Ke (G), Zhang Qiongu (G), Wu YuFei (NIII), Zhang Xin (NIII), and Fang Qi (Z).

The full video of this great stage can be found at the top of the page.

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