On October 14th, twelve members of SNH48 Team SII celebrated a very special anniversary: it was the 6th year since the debut of the 1st generation!

Below is a small documentary on the selection of the 1st generation of SNH48.

Some of the 1st generation never made it to the formation of Team SII in 2013 and several other members have quit the group since that time.

For the remaining 12 originals, the last 6 years have been long and difficult. They had to fight to build credibility in a country where there were no significant domestic girl groups and where their ties to Japan would continously cause issues. However, it was not in vain.

Their efforts and those of the 2nd generation that followed in 2013 have paved the way for the success the group is experiencing now as the dominant girl group in China!

With only 2 years left on their 8 year contract with the group (yes that short), we can only hope that these 12 members will build more great memories for all their fans.

Below are the original group pictures for the remaining 1st generation members in Team SII:

Chen GuanHui (Click to enlarge)
Chen Si (Click to enlarge)
Qian BeiTing (Click to enlarge)
Dai Meng (Click to enlarge)
Kong XiaoYin (Click to enlarge)
Qiu XinYi (Click to enlarge)
Li YuQi (Click to enlarge)
Mo Han (Click to enlarge)
Wu ZheHan (Click to enlarge)
Xu ChenChen (Click to enlarge)
Xu JiaQi (Click to enlarge)
Zhang YuGe (Click to enlarge)
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