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You can watch the 6th Best50 on Bilibili.

The 6th Best50 Request Time isn’t likely to go into anyone’s history books.

The show delivered on its usual promises but, as seen during the last election, it is very clear that Migu Music as a key broadcast partner is no substitute for Tencent which stopped streaming SNH48 events earlier this year. Less than stellar camera coverage and lighting all made this one probably best left for the ages.

To make matters worse, many of the performances by members felt uninspired and lackluster. It is difficult to say if it was the result of lack of practice or simply some of the older members simply not caring anymore but the end result was the same.

Final straw is the fact that many, many seats were clearly empty which has been a constant challenge for SNH48 events in the city. This puts into question the wisdom of moving the next election there in 2020 (more on that in a seperate article).

This is not to say that the show was entirely horrible. There were still many great performances (especially in unit songs) and some good nuggets of things to come as well as some reprieve.

The good news

Many fans had anticipated for a long time that the 6th Best50 event would see the disbandment of Teams J (BEJ48) and Z (GNZ48) but that did not come to pass. It is unknown if this had been just a rumour or if recent events involving Huang TingTing have caused management to rethink or delay the change.

Many fans of those two teams quietly rejoiced at the end of the night. We will have to wait and see if that is going to remain true.

The bad news

Sadly for fans of Zhang DanSan (SNH48 Team X and subunit DeMOON), the night was not as happy. Zhang DanSan posted a statement on her Weibo account (below) indicating that this was the end of her activities with the group at the end of the concert.

It is a known fact that Zhang DanSan had been on the fence about staying with the group dating all the way back to the last election so, this did not come as a total surprise beyond the timing of it.

And the winners are…

Once again this year, the winning songs are grouped based on the number of votes received. Each category from “Firefly” up to “Golden” earned the song an increasingly better stage setting.

The two winning songs for this year were “Hold Me Tight” performed by Lu Ting and Feng XinDuo of SNH48 Team NII as well as the team song “雪之国” by SNH48 Team NII.

All the results are in the tables below.

Golden Group

01Hold Me TightSNH48 Team SII (SII8)Lu Ting (Team NII)
01Hold Me TightSNH48 Team SII (SII8)Feng XinDuo (Team NII / Team E)
01雪之国SNH48 Team NII (NII7)TEAM NII

Team Group

02BEJ48 Team E (W1)TEAM E
03坐标 121E 31NSNH48 Team SII (SII8)TEAM SII

Blazing Group

01WHO I AMSNH48 Team HII (HII5)Mo Han (Team SII)
01WHO I AMSNH48 Team HII (HII5)Dai Meng (Team SII)
02美杜莎的温柔GNZ48 Team G (G3)Wu ZheHan (Team SII)
02美杜莎的温柔GNZ48 Team G (G3)Xu JiaQi (Team SII)
03Gravity (SOLO)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Zhao Yue (Team NII)
04夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Feng XinDuo (Team NII / Team E)
04夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Lu Ting (Team NII)
04夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Qian BeiTing (Team SII)
04夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Kong XiaoYing (Team SII)
04夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Sun Rui (Team SII)
04夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Xu ChenChen (Team SII)
05临兵斗者皆阵列在前SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Duan YiXuan (Team B)
05临兵斗者皆阵列在前SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Xie LeiLei (Team G)
05临兵斗者皆阵列在前SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Hu XiaoHui (Team B)
06最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Yi JiaAi (Team NII)
06最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Liu ShengNan (Team E)
06最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Long YiRui (Team Z)
06最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Zhou Xiang (Team J)

Cloud Group

01不安星SNH48 Team NII (W2)Qian BeiTing (Team SII)
01不安星SNH48 Team NII (W2)Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
02低烧GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII)
02低烧GNZ48 Team G (G4)Tang LiJia (Team NIII)
03瑪利亜BEJ48 Team E (W1)Lin SiYi (Team HII)
03瑪利亜BEJ48 Team E (W1)Shen MengYao (Team HII)
04一体同心SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Chen Ke (Team G)
04一体同心SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
05Love Letter (SOLO)SNH48 Team XII (XII2)Xu ChenChen (Team SII)
06黑洞 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Wan Lina (Team HII)
07未接来电SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Li YuQi (Team SII)
07未接来电SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Yuan YiQi (Team HII)
08占据GNZ48 Team G (G4)Dai Meng (Team SII)
08占据GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun Rui (Team SII)
08占据GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qing YuWen (Team B)
09传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Yan MingJun (Team B)
09传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Wang YuXuan (Team J)
09传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Xie FeiFei (Team Z)
09传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Deng HuiEn (Team Z)
10Blue RoseSNH48 Team HII (HII1)Lu Jing (Team NIII)
10Blue RoseSNH48 Team HII (HII1)Hong JingWen (Team NIII)
10Blue RoseSNH48 Team HII (HII1)Yang KeLu (Team Z)
10Blue RoseSNH48 Team HII (HII1)Wang ZiXin (Team Z)
11Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhang DanSan (Team X)
11Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)HeYang QingQing (Team J)
11Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhao TianYang (Team B)
11Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)Liang WanLin (Team Z)
12无声的探戈SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zhang QiongYu (Team G / Team X)
12无声的探戈SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Xie LeiLei (Team G)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Jiang ShuTing (Team HII)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Guo Shuang (Team HII)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Tang Lin (Team J)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Lin Zhi (Team G)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Xie AiLin (Team NIII)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liang Qiao (Team Z)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Ma Fan (Team NII)
13GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liang Jiao (Team G)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qi YuZhu (Team HII)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun YuShan (Team J)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang JiaYu (Team X)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Cheng YuLu (Team E)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang RuiQi (Team X)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Cheng Ge (Team B)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang QiuYi (Team Z)
14双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Jin LuoSai (Team J)
15Miss Victoria (SOLO)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wu ZheHan (Team SII)

Firefly Group

01青涩的香蕉SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Fang Qi (Team Z)
01青涩的香蕉SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Wu YuFei (Team NIII)
02关不掉 (SOLO)SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Jiang Yun (Team SII)
03就差一点点GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Sun Rui (Team SII)
03就差一点点GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
04暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Lin Nan (Team HII)
04暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Wang XiaoJia (Team X)
04暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Zhang MengHui (Team B)
04暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Wang Yi (Team HII)
05不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Li XingYu (Team X)
05不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Ran Wei (Team X)
05不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Yang Ye (Team J)
05不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Chen JiaYing (Team G)
06My BoyBEJ48 Team J (J2)Liu LiFei (Team NIII)
06My BoyBEJ48 Team J (J2)Su ShanShan (Team E)
07One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Shen XiaoAi (Team B)
07One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Nong YanPing (Team Z)
07One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Jin YingYue (Team NII)
07One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Ye ShuQi (Team G)
08梦中的婚礼SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zeng AiJia (Team G)
08梦中的婚礼SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhu YiXin (Team G)
09+-GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Xu JiaQi (Team SII)
09+-GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Wu ZheHan (Team SII)
10降落伞 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Liu Jie (Team NII)
11不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Li Zhao (Team X)
11不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Ren ManLin (Team E)
11不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Chen Pan (Team HII)
11不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Lin Zhi (Team G)
12塞壬BEJ48 Team J (J2)Song XinRan (Team X)
12塞壬BEJ48 Team J (J2)Li ShanShan (Team G)
12塞壬BEJ48 Team J (J2)Feng SiJia (Team E)
13无罪无我SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Song YuShan (Team HII)
13无罪无我SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Ma YuLing (Team E)
13无罪无我SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Xu ChuWen (Team G)
14如果你拥抱我SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Zhang YuXin (Team NII)
14如果你拥抱我SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Liu ShuXian (Team B)
14如果你拥抱我SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Huang ChuYin (Team G)
15SHOWBEJ48 Team B (B3)Jiang Shan (Team HII)
15SHOWBEJ48 Team B (B3)Huang EnRu (Team J)
15SHOWBEJ48 Team B (B3)Bai XinYu (Team J)
16新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Zhang Yi (Team NII)
16新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Yan Qin (Team NII)
16新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Lin ShuQing (Team HII)
16新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Liu Xian (Team J)
17猎梦SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhou ShiYu (Team NII)
17猎梦SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Luo HanYue (Team G)
17猎梦SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Xu HuiLing (Team G)
18废墟纪元 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Xu JiaQi (Team SII)
19天使的圈套SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Yang BingYi (Team X)
19天使的圈套SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Qi Jing (Team X)
209 to 9GNZ48 Team G (G3)Fei QinYuan (Team HII)
209 to 9GNZ48 Team G (G3)Tang LiJia (Team NIII)
21夜行的黑猫SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Liu ZengYan (Team SII)
21夜行的黑猫SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Xiong SuJun (Team B)
21夜行的黑猫SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Han JiaLe (Team J)
22灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Hong PeiYun (Team HII)
22灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Zhao JiaRui (Team NII)
22灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Shao XueCong (Team SII)
22灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Zhang Run (Team NIII)
23信念箭羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII)
23信念箭羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang Xin (Team HII / NIII)
23信念箭羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Chen QianNan (Team E)
24画 (SOLO)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang YuGe (Team SII)
25粗心女孩GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
25粗心女孩GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang HuaiJin (Team J)
25粗心女孩GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun ZhenNi (Team HII)


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