A busy Friday for SNH48

Friday March 30th was a busy Friday for SNH48 as three major events were taking place.

New H Stars

First and foremost was the premiere of the Team HII new waiting stage “New H Stars” which you can watch at top of page from the official youtube channel.

As is the norm, this waiting stage is made up of popular songs taken from a number of older stages including several Team HII favourites.

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Youku Youth Choice Festival

While all this was taking place in Shanghai, Team SII was at the Water Cube venue in Beijing for a Youku event dubbed “Youth Choice Festival” where they performed their song “LaLaLa”.

You can view their performance on Youku here.

Below are some photos of the event.

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Taobao Live Festival

A mix of Team SII and NII members were also peforming at a Taobao event (below) where they accepted an award for the group.

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