SNH48 Group officially announces that the season for their 4th General Election will officially begin on May 19th! This will also be when the election EP “Summer Pirates” (16th EP) will officially go on sale!

The title track of the EP was written by famous singer/songwriter David Tao.

Various versions of the “Summer Pirate” EP with election tickets

This year the general election will take place once again at the Mercedes-Benz Arena starting at 4pm (Shanghai time) on July 29th. The theme for the election this year will be: “My Heart will Fly”.

All 4 groups will be participating: SNH48, GNZ48, BEJ48, and SHY48. With the addition of SHY48 to the list, the total number of voting seats will be increased from 48 to 66! (64 being an unlucky number)




Great prizes to be won again this year

The members who rank in the election will be eligible for some great prizes this year:

Top 11. SOLO song
2. MV
3. SOLO concert
4. Documentary
Top 31. High level advertising in all theater cities
2. Appearances in high profile TV shows, dramas, and variety
3. Commercial endorsements
Top 161. MV
2. Participation in TV shows, dramas, and variety
3. Commercial endorsements
17-331. MV
2. Other activities
34-481. MV
2. Other activities
49-661. MV
2. Other activities
Sister Group Top 161. Increased media exposure at the local level with several related activities
2. Other activities

New show to warm things up in June

Studio48 will be producing a new show beginning mid-June called “Youth Camp” (inspired by the popular HunanTV show “Happy Camp”). Broadcasted 7 days a week, the show will feature games, activities, cooking, song/dance, and other events from all sister groups as well as segments with subunits Style7 and ElectroEyes Girls.

A concert you will not want to miss!

The July 29th election event will be preceded by a 2 hour concert. The layout of the stage will occupy the entire center area of the Mercedes-Benz arena. Large LED screens and two 360 ° rotating stages will allow fans to see the performances fully no matter where they are sitting in the arena.

Visit the official event web page here:

SNH48 Group 4th General Election Site

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