3rd episode of “Dream Studio 48”

Episode 3 cast (Click to enlarge)

Studio48 gave us the 3rd episode of “Dream Studio 48” on June 24th with an entire new cast of participants.

Members from SNH48, BEJ48, and GNZ48 were part of this episode which once again aired on IQIYI, Sina Weibo, and the Pocket48 APP.

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Participating members were: Wu ZheHan (SNH48 Team SII), Xie LeiLei (GNZ48 Team G), Li Zi (BEJ48 Team E), He XiaoYu (SNH48 Team NII), Chen GuanHui (SNH48 Team SII), Yuan YuZhen (SNH48 Team SII), Yang YuanYuan (GNZ48 Team Z), Jin Yingyue (SNH48 Team NII), Wang XiYuan (SNH48 Team FT), Zhang HuaiJin (BEJ48 Team J), and Huang EnRu (BEJ48 Team J).

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