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The details for the upcoming 2nd EP by the SNH48 subunit SEN7ES (also known as 7SENSES) have been revealed.

The EP will officially go on pre-sale starting at 11am on November 20th and will contain 5 tracks (including the already released “Like a Diamond”.)

As is usual, the EP comes bundled with a random picture of a member and a handshake ticket.

The Songs

STAR48 decided to try new music styles for this EP and you can see those choices reflected in each of the tracks included.

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The songs in the EP are:

1. “Like A Diamond(闪耀)” – R&B
2. “KiKi’s Secret(秘密)” – Trap & Twerk
3. “I Wanna Play” – English language song
4. “Lollipop(棒棒糖)” – Retro Electronic Dance
5. “我只在乎你” – R&B

The 5th song in the EP is an R&B remix of a classic Chinese song SEN7ES already sang Live on CCTV back in April 2017.

Theater Tour

The members will embark in a mini-tour of the SNH48 Group Theaters (ShangHai, BeiJing, and GuangZhou) from December 7th to December 21st.

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Each stop in the tour will include a performance and a handshake event.

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