2nd episode of “Idol Kill”

Studio48 continues on November 1st with its self-produced online variety shows by releasing the 2nd episode of “Idol Kill” as part of it’s “Youth Camp” program.

The members involved in this episode were (as they were seated):

1. Zhang DanSan (Team X)
2. Chen WenYan (Team NII)
3. Sun Rui (Team SII)
4. Hong PeiYun (Team XII)
5. Yang BingYi (Team X)
6. Lu Ting (Team NII)
7. Feng XinDuo (Team NII)
8. Li YuQi (Team SII)
9. Liu ZengYan (Team XII)
10. Hao WanQing (Team HII)
11. Zhang YuXin (Team NII)
12. Xu Han (Team HII)

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