The SNH48 1st generation graduation EP “Take Me” officially went on digital sales on the Netease Music and Migu Music platforms at 10am on September 16th with Netease being the primary promoter.

The commemorative digital EP (including the solo songs for each member minus Xu JiaQi) is being sold for 12 yuan. Although a digital version does not come with the usual goodies found inside physical copies, Netease found a way to “sweeten the deal” by providing some exclusive content as sales progressed.

These took the form of photos and recording session videos for the various solo songs of the 11 participating members.

The music

Haven’t had a chance to hear the songs of this EP? You can now find them on our front page or below. You can find playlist button on the circle menu to the left in order to play the other songs of the EP.

260K sold in one day

“Take Me” sold over 80K units on Netease in the first hour and ended the first day with over 260K units sold which is, although not a record, a very good performance in China for a digital release.

Here are the videos that were getting released as the sales advanced.

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