Every year, mid-October marks the arrival of the EP featuring the songs for the winners of the latest general election. This event also clearly indicates to fans that “winter is coming”!

There are two major events in the SNH48 Group “year” (the time between two elections): the General Elections and the Best50 Request Time Concert. The election takes place in July/August (Summer) while the Best50 happens in December/January (Winter). When fans say “Summer/Winter is coming”, it means that we are entering the voting season leading up to those events.

The 2021 EP

The 2021 EP is titled “花戎” (“Floral and Firm”) and includes both the vocal and instrumental versions of three songs: “花戎” performed by the Top16, “虚构者” by the Top32, and “漫画的最后一格” by the Top48. Listen to all three songs by clicking on the files to the right.

The MVs

All three songs will also release an MV by early November with the first being the Top48 on October 19th, 2021. The others will follow in succession with dates to be announced.

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