As you might remember, SNH48 Team HII won the best team song award with “HONOR” during the 7th Best50 Request Time concert in 2021. Part of that award was that the three members of HII who received the largest number of votes would get to release a solo PV. The three members who won that right were Shen MengYao, Xu YangYuZhuo, and Yuan YiQi.

Shen MengYao had already released her PV as part of her solo birthday fan meet in late 2021, but two still remained. Those were released in quick succession just before the 8th Best50 Request Time.

“渊” (“Deep Down”)

Xu YangYuZhuo (3rd generation) presented her solo rendition of the Team HII unit “Deep Down” from the “Ultimate Mission” stage. You can watch that PV below.


Yuan YiQi (7th generation) also selected a song from the “Ultimate Mission” stage by Team HII: “UP TO YOU”. You can watch that PV below.

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