1st SNH48 Family Group concert

The scene is the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai. The event is the 1st SNH48 Family Group concert event.

What is this “Family Group”? This is what STAR48 calls the various SNH48 subunits: SEN7ES, Color Girls, Style7, Focus16, BlueV, and HO2.

This was meant as a warmup event leading up to the Best50 Request Time concert to be held February 3rd. STAR48 had used a similar system around the 2017 election with a pre-concert that allowed broadcasters and stage crews to test everything real time prior to the main event.

Focus 16 (Click to enlarge)
SEN7ES (Click to enlarge)

CKG48 concert debut

The event saw the first concert performance by the newest member of the SNH48 Group: CKG48. Members of Teams C and K were present to perform three songs since they will not be represented at the Best50 concerrt (having debuted too late in the year to be included.)

CKG48 (Click to enlarge)
Color Girls (Click to enlarge)

5th Anniversary

In 2017, SNH had celebrated their 4th anniversary with a special concert where it all began. This year, the actual anniversary was marked by a special stage at the theater only but that was only the beginning!

The Family Group concert saw the unveiling of a brand new original song and MV performed by the 2017 MVP members from each team (as we reported here.)

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HO2 and BlueV subunits debut

We reported that the concert was also the occasion where the two latest subunits of SNH48 were revealed.

All the finalist teams for the duo and quintet were given a chance to perform at the end of the concert which was followed by the announcements of the winners of the fan vote.

BlueV (Click to enlarge)
HO2 (Click to enlarge)
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