1st Best50 preliminary results

The GNZ48 Xingmeng Theater played host on October 13th for the announcement of the 1st preliminary voting results of the SNH48 Group 6th Best50 Request Time Concert which is scheduled to take place in Guangzhou (home of GNZ48) on December 21st, 2019.

As we reported previously, the Best50 once again follows the system established during the last concert where fans are invited to vote for songs in “blocks” which have a specific number of songs. The higher up the chain a song goes, the more production value it receives during the show.

You can watch the announcement in the video at top of page. All the results are in the tables below.

Golden Group

01Hold Me TightSNH48 Team SII (SII8)Lu Ting (Team NII)
01Hold Me TightSNH48 Team SII (SII8)Feng XinDuo (Team NII)
02时之卷SNH48 Team NII (NII7)TEAM NII

Team Group

01坐标 121E 31NSNH48 Team SII (SII8)TEAM SII
02J StoryBEJ48 Team J (J2)TEAM J
03Z You AgainGNZ48 Team Z (Z3)TEAM Z
04BEJ48 Team E (E3)TEAM E

Blazing Group

01传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Yan MingJun (Team B)
01传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Wang YuXuan (Team J)
01传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Xie FeiFei (Team Z)
01传颂之歌SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Deng HuiEn (Team Z)
02不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Li Zhao (Team X)
02不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Ren ManLin (Team E)
02不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Chen Pan (Team HII)
02不秀钢GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Lin Zhi (Team G)
03不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Li XingYu (Team X)
03不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Ran Wei (Team X)
03不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Yang Ye (Team J)
03不曾后悔SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Chen JiaYing (Team G)
04黑洞 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Wan LiNa (Team HII)
05一体同心SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Chen Ke (Team G)
05一体同心SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
06青涩的香蕉SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Fang Qi (Team Z)
06青涩的香蕉SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Wu YuFei (Team NIII)

Cloud Group

01塞壬BEJ48 Team J (J2)Song XinRan (Team X)
01塞壬BEJ48 Team J (J2)Li ShanShan (Team G)
01塞壬BEJ48 Team J (J2)Chen QianNan (Team E)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Jiang ShuTing (Team HII)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Guo Shuang (Team HII)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Tang Lin (Team J)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Lin Zhi (Team G)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Xie AiLin (Team NIII)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liang Qiao (Team Z)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Ma Fan (Team NII)
02GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liang Jiao (Team G)
03无罪无我SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Song YuShan (Team HII)
03无罪无我SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Ma YuLing (Team E)
03无罪无我SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Xu ChuWen (Team G)
04夜行的黑猫SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Liu ZengYan (Team SII)
04夜行的黑猫SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Xiong SuJun (Team B)
04夜行的黑猫SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Han JiaLe (Team J)
05最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Yi JiaAi (Team NII)
05最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Liu ShengNan (Team E)
05最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Long YiRui (Team Z)
05最终回合SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Zhou Xiang (Team J)
06Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhang DanSan (Team X)
06Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)HeYang QingQing (Team J)
06Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhao TianYang (Team B)
06Fire TouchSNH48 Team NII (NII6)Liang WanLin (Team Z)
07天使的圈套SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Yang BingYi (Team X)
07天使的圈套SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Qi Jing (Team X)
08WHO I AMSNH48 Team HII (HII5)Mo Han (Team SII)
08WHO I AMSNH48 Team HII (HII5)Dai Meng (Team SII)
09Gravity (SOLO)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Zhao Yue (Team NII)
10My BoyBEJ48 Team J (J2)Liu LiFei (Team NIII)
10My BoyBEJ48 Team J (J2)Su ShanShan (Team E)
11禁忌的两人SNH48 Team HII (HII1)Lin Zhi (Team G)
11禁忌的两人SNH48 Team HII (HII1)Wu YuFei (Team NIII)
12未接来电SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhang Xin (Team HII / Team NIII)
12未接来电SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Xu YangYuZhuo (Team HII)
13爱恨的泪SNH48 Team SII (SII3)Qian BeiTing (Team SII)
13爱恨的泪SNH48 Team SII (SII3)Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
14画 (SOLO)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang YuGe (Team SII)
15Miss Victoria (SOLO)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wu ZheHan (Team SII)

Firefly Group

01信念箭羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII)
01信念箭羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang Xin (Team HII / NIII)
01信念箭羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Chen QianNan (Team E)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qi YuZhu (Team HII)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun YuShan (Team J)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun Xin (Team NIII)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Cheng YuLu (Team E)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang RuiQi (Team X)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Cheng Ge (Team B)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang QiuYi (Team Z)
02双行道GNZ48 Team G (G4)Jin LuoSai (Team J)
03夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Feng XinDuo (Team NII)
03夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Lu Ting (Team NII)
03夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Qian BeiTing (Team SII)
03夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
03夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Sun Rui (Team SII)
03夕阳下的约定SNH48 ("UZA" EP)Xu ChenChen (Team SII)
04SHOWBEJ48 Team B (B3)Jiang Shan (Team HII)
04SHOWBEJ48 Team B (B3)Huang EnRu (Team J)
04SHOWBEJ48 Team B (B3)Bai XinYu (Team J)
05One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Shen XiaoAi (Team B)
05One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Nong YanPing (Team Z)
05One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Jin YingYue (Team NII)
05One LifeGNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Ye ShuQi (Team G)
06JellyGNZ48 Team G (G4)Shao XueCong (Team SII)
06JellyGNZ48 Team G (G4)Chen GuiJun (Team Z)
06JellyGNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang MengHui (Team B)
06JellyGNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang Xi (Team NII)
07占据GNZ48 Team G (G4)Dai Meng (Team SII)
07占据GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun Rui (Team SII)
07占据GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qing YuWen (Team B)
08如果你拥抱我SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Zhang YuXin (Team NII)
08如果你拥抱我SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Liu ShuXian (Team B)
08如果你拥抱我SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Huang ChuYin (Team G)
09新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Zhang Yi (Team NII)
09新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Yan Qin (Team NII)
09新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Lin ShuQing (Team HII)
09新世界SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Liu Xian (Team J)
10临兵斗者皆阵列在前SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Duan YiXuan (Team B)
10临兵斗者皆阵列在前SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Xie LeiLei (Team G)
10临兵斗者皆阵列在前SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Hu XiaoHui (Team B)
11暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Lin Nan (Team HII)
11暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Wang XiaoJia (Team X)
11暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Lu TianHui (Team NII)
11暗夜脚步声BEJ48 Team E (E2)Wang Yi (Team HII)
12地平线SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Yang KeLu (Team Z)
12地平线SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Wang RuiQi (Team X)
12地平线SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Wang ZiXin (Team Z)
12地平线SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Fu BingBing (Team G)
12地平线SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Luo KeJia (Team G)
13灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Hong PeiYun (Team HII)
13灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Zhao JiaRui (Team NII)
13灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Shao XueCong (Team SII)
13灵魂使者SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Zhang Run (Team NIII)
14雪的约定 (SOLO)SHY48 Team SIII (SIII2)Wang ShiMeng (Team NII)
15粗心女孩GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
15粗心女孩GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang HuaiJin (Team J)
15粗心女孩GNZ48 Team G (G4)Sun ZhenNi (Team HII)
16新航路 (SOLO)SNH48 Team X (X4)Chen Ke (Team G)
17废墟纪元 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Xu JiaQi (Team SII)
18美杜莎的温柔GNZ48 Team G (G3)Wu ZheHan (Team SII)
18美杜莎的温柔GNZ48 Team G (G3)Xu JiaQi (Team SII)
19蜉蝣 (SOLO)SHY48 Team SIII (SIII2)Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII)
20春夏秋冬SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Lu Jing (Team NIII)
20春夏秋冬SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Hong JingWen (Team NIII)
20春夏秋冬SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Xu HuiLing (Team G)
20春夏秋冬SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Chen Pan (Team HII)
21猎梦SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhou ShiYu (Team NII)
21猎梦SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Yang YuanYuan (Team Z)
21猎梦SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Luo HanYue (Team G)
22暗羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang YuHan (Team B)
22暗羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Chen NanXi (Team NIII)
22暗羽SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Chen XinYu (Team NIII)
239 to 9GNZ48 Team G (G3)Fei QinYuan (Team HII)
239 to 9GNZ48 Team G (G3)Tang LiJia (Team NIII)


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