If it is true in this day an age that your popularity in the entertainment industry is in part evaluated on the basis of how many social media followers you can attract, then it is a good sign for members of SNH48 Group!

A total of 37 members presently have (as of date of posting) 1 million followers or more on the Sina Weibo platform! Two members, Li YiTong (SNH48 Team HII) and Huang TingTing (SNH48 Team NII), also have the distinction of having over 10 million followers!

The full list

We have maintained a list of members who have broken the 1 million followers mark for a few years now but this is the first time we have seen such an increase in numbers including a total of 19 new names entering the list since July 2019!

Find the list for September 2019 on the right.

Li YiTongHII10.9M
Huang TingTingNII10M
Xu JiaQiSII6.9M
Feng XinDuoNII5.5M
Lu TingNII5M
Dai MengSII4.7M
Kong XiaoYinSII4.7M
Mo HanSII4.4M
Wu ZheHanSII4.1M
Zhang YuGeSII3.9M
Sun ZhenNiHII3.8M
Xu YangYuZhuoHII3.6M
Zhao YueNII3.5M
Fei QinYuanHII3.2M
Duan YiXuanB2.7M
Xie LeiLeiG2.7M
Su ShanShanE2.6M
Liu LiFeiNIII2.6M
Zheng DanNiNIII2.3M
Chen KeG2.1M
Sun RuiSII2.1M
Han JiaLeJ2M
Qian BeiTingSII2M
Zhang XinHII2M
Song XinRanX2M
Yang BingYiX2M
Yan MingJunB1.2M
Zhao JiaRuiNII1M
Shen MengYaoHII1M
Wan LinaHII1M
Yuan YiQiHII1M
Feng XiaoFeiX1M
Li ZiE1M
Huang EnRuJ1M
Tang LiJiaNIII1M
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