100 performances for Team G!

GNZ48 Team G has established a new record for the group: 100th performances of their current stage! The previous record was 89 performances of a stage by Team NIII.

It is probably a record fans would hope never gets broken again.

“双面偶像” (“Double-Faced Idol”) was first performed at the Xingmeng Theater in Guangzhou on the 11th of August 2017. Here is the still popular “9 to 9” from that show.

The 100th

GNZ48 released a small commemorative video to mark the 100th stage which included an interesting section where they are asking fans to “be patient” as they continue to wait for the premieres of the new “Victoria.G”, “Fiona.N”, and “Mia.Z” original stages first announced last year.

To make things a little interesting, Team G introduced a few changes to some songs for the 100th as seen in the performances below.

You can watch the full stage at top of page.

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